Making the most of Trello

10 Trello power-ups for maximum productivity

Take your Trello experience to tremendous new heights with these 10 productivity-boosting power-ups.

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So, you've figured out what Trello's all about. You've mastered the Trello basics. You've made your way through the most advanced Trello tips and tricks. And still, you say, you want more efficiency-enhancing power? Still, you need more organization automation? Still, you want your project management software to seem smarter?

My goodness, you're a tenacious little monkey. But fret not, my dear, for you've come to the right place. I, too, am a Trello addict. I, too, have an insatiable hunger for crafty productivity hacks. And I, too, get an embarrassingly large amount of pleasure out of finding new ways to improve my organization. (Yes, I'm a dork — but hey, who are you to talk?!)

The coolest part about Trello is that there's always something new to explore — because even after you've wrung out every ounce of organizational magic from the service's set of core features, there's an ever-expanding universe of software add-ons that can open up all sorts of interesting new possibilities. They're known as power-ups, and they sport some pretty impressive options among their easily overlooked ranks.

I've spent far too much time exploring all the noteworthy Trello power-up options, and beyond the super-obvious and too-basic-to-be-worth-discussing service integrations (like the power-ups for connecting your boards to Slack, Google Drive, Salesforce, or other such entities), these are the 10 power-ups that stand out the most to me for anyone serious about achieving superhero-like productivity status.

Read on, and get ready to soar.

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