Attend the CIO UK Big Conversation: Unlock the potential of your frontline workers


One of the biggest disruptions for enterprise organisations and CIOs in the last decade has been the impact of the consumerisation of IT, while a more recent trend has been the acknowledgement among C-level leaders of the war for talent and empowering their frontline employees as part of their innovation agendas.

At this CIO UK Big Conversation event, hosted with partners Google Chrome Enterprise, on Wednesday 11 September at the London EDITION we will discuss how CIOs and technology executives are tackling these challenges by empowering frontline workforces with cloud-enabled technology suites.

The shop window to your organisation in many organisations, an expert panel will discuss how cloud-enabled end-user technology can make sure your organisation doesn't get left behind, and how empowering an organisation's frontline workforce can form a significant part of improving the customer experience and ultimately your company's bottom line.

The panel will also discuss skills shortages, recruitment and retention - and how a secure, collaborative suite of tools can help improve motivation, attract top talent and reduce churn. As organisations balance the challenges of optimisation and innovation, we will also share case studies about enabling bottom-up innovation by empowering frontline workers to improve any organisation's operations.

Topics to be discussed at this CIO UK Big Conversation panel include:

  • Improving end-user technology so your organisation doesn't get left behind
  • How empowering your frontline workforce can improve customer experience, and the bottom line
  • Security by design while empowering your workforce at the edge
  • How improving the employee experience of frontline workers can improve motivation and retention
  • Collaboration platforms, process optimisation and bottom-up innovation

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7.00pm - 7.30pm - Networking drinks and canapes

7.30pm - 7.35pm - Introduction from Edward Qualtrough, Editor, CIO UK

7.35pm - 7.55pm - Unlock the potential of your frontline workers - Michael Wheeler Wyatt - Head of Chrome Enterprise (EMEA), Google Chrome

7.55pm - 8.55pm - CIO Q&A and panel debate

8.55pm - 9.00pm - Closing remarks

9.00pm onwards - Networking drinks and close


Michael Wyatt, Head of Chrome Enterprise EMEA, Google

Michael Wyatt has been at Google for 5 years and started driving Android into the Enterprise - after success in this Go To Market role he then moved on to the head up the drive into the workplace for ChromeOS. His experience spans Cloud Solutions, PC’s, Networking, Software, Apps, Mobile Devices and MiddleWare, He has successfully founded and sold 2 IT start-up companies and regularly delivers keynote presentations and participate in panel discussions across EMEA. He now runs the go to market for Chrome across EMEA - digital Transformation, Growth and Productivity across EMEA He is also a Google Artist in Residence.

Edward Qualtrough, Editor of CIO UK

Edward is the Editor of CIO UK and has a particular interest covering digital strategy, leadership, enterprise culture, and diversity. Previously the CIO UK Online Editor, Edward meets regularly with Chief Information Officers and other business technology executives to discuss C-level issues and keep on top of industry trends and disruptive threats.


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