17 of the most notable tech acquisitions of 2016:

Some interesting - and extremely expensive - tech acquisitions have taken place in recent weeks, with OpenText buying Dell's enterprise content division, HP grabbing Samsung's printer business, SoftBank snapping up Cambridge-based chipmakers ARM and Verizon agreeing to buy Yahoo Inc for $4.8 billion (£3.6 billion), not to mention Oracle's latest acquisition of NetSuite. In fact, 2016 has been packed full of major tech acquisitions. We've listed some of the most notable corporate takeovers to occur in 2016.

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OpenText picks up Dell\'s enterprise content division for $1.62 billion

OpenText picks up Dell's enterprise content division for $1.62 billion

Canada’s OpenText has announced it will buy Dell-EMC’s enterprise content division for $1.62 billion.

OpenText will gain all software, associated services and employees of ECD – which OpenText hopes will help it expand its reach in the enterprise content market, build new business among larger firms and in wider regions.

According to OpenText, the deal will bolster the business’ portfolio and include Documentum, plus the InfoArchive and LEAP product families.

OpenText CEO Mark J Barrenechea said: “This acquisition further strengthens OpenText as a leader in Enterprise Information Management.”

HP buys Samsung\'s printing business for $1.05 billion

HP buys Samsung's printing business for $1.05 billion

On 12 September 2016 HP announced that it will buy Samsung’s printer business for a deal valued at $1.05 billion.

Rumours surfaced the previous week that HP was planning an acquisition of the business. HP claimed that the deal represents its intention to “disrupt and reinvent” the copier industry, a “segment that hasn’t innovated in decades”. It added that the business hopes to sell multifunction printers (MFP) to companies that haven’t updated their copiers in years – and that Samsung already had built a “formidable portfolio” of A3 MFPs.

HP just last week announced a ‘merger’ deal between HP’s software business and Britain’s Micro Focus.

Tech acquisitions 2016: Apigee and Google

Tech acquisitions 2016: Apigee and Google

Google has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire API management provider Apigee for an estimated $625 million (£470 million).

According to Diane Greene, SVP of Google’s cloud businesses, Apigee will support the company’s backend services, enabling them to 'talk' to its customers and partner mobile and web-based apps.

Greene said: "Apigee easily enables this by providing a comprehensive API platform that supports secure, stable, multi-language, dev, test, publish and analytics capabilities."

Both companies expect the transaction will close by the end of 2016.

Tech acquisitions 2016: HPE and Micro Focus

Tech acquisitions 2016: HPE and Micro Focus

In September 2016, UK-based tech firm Micro Focus announced plans to acquire the 'non-core' software assets of a division of Hewlett-Packard for $8.8 billion (£6.6 billion).

According to reports, this deal will create one of the world’s largest infrastructure-based software companies.

From this deal, Micro Focus will gain British software firm Autonomy which HP acquired in a 'disastrous' deal in 2011. Read more: HP's botched Autonomy acquisition: Timeline of the saga

This deal is expected to close in Q3 2017.

Tech acquisitions 2016: Oracle and NetSuite

Tech acquisitions 2016: Oracle and NetSuite

Oracle is set to acquire cloud services provider NetSuite for $9.3 billion (£7 billion) in an all-cash deal announced in July 2016.

Known for its cloud ERP, CRM and ecommerce services, NetSuite, which was previously funded by Oracle founder Larry Ellison back in 1998, now provides cloud-based support to 24,000 organisations running their business on NetSuite software.

And while Larry Ellison has owned 47.4 percent of NetSuite's common stock since 2014, he is said to be abstaining from exercising his shareholder vote to approve the deal. This move should eliminate any conflict of interest that could arise from this deal.

According to Tech Market View, on-premise firms are 'racing' to buy cloud-based services, a trend that is predicted to become more frequent this year.

Tech acquisitions 2016: Verizon and Yahoo

Tech acquisitions 2016: Verizon and Yahoo

In February 2016, Yahoo announced that it was looking for "strategic alternatives" for its core business operations.

According to reports today, Yahoo's board has agreed to sell the company’s core internet operations to Verizon for $4.8 billion, ending speculation of who was going to purchase the struggling firm.

At this time, both Verizon and Yahoo declined to comment on the deal.