India’s highest paying tech jobs and the skills that rake in the big bucks

From stack developers to cloud architects, we take a look at tech jobs that earn top dollar in the rapidly evolving, data-driven economy.

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Spurred by the digital transformation tsunami and democratization of AI, the Indian IT space is seeing new job roles like data scientists, cloud and security architects and full stack developers command the biggest pay packages in the enterprise today.

Budding tech professionals now have a plethora of careers and domains to choose from. In comparison to the old-timers who were limited to ancients like C++, COBOL, JavaScript or Python, today’s IT greenhorns are practically spoilt for choice.

Computerworld explores the most sought-after tech skills and starting salaries for various job roles in the IT space today. Based on data from Indeed, we zero down on the top 10 highest paying IT jobs for professionals with less than three years’ experience. Here's the countdown:

10. Python developer: INR 5.09 lakh per annum

Although born in 1989 in Netherlands-based Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI), Python has found a new fan club in the software space today. It’s in high demand and experienced Python developers can afford to be pricey.

9. Full stack developer: INR 6.24 lakh per annum

Coders with a command of Mongo DB, Node.js or Angular JS are sought after, and why not. With a voracious appetite for API builders, the IT space is prime hunting grounds for stack developers.

8. Cloud engineer: INR 6.73 lakh per annum

Given the immense traction for AWS in the Indian enterprise and the rapidly-spreading hybrid architecture, cloud engineers and architects are key to building the cloud infra across small and large-sized enterprises.

7. Blockchain developer: INR 6.97 lakh per annum

Gartner predicts that blockchain will create USD 176 billion in business by 2025. CIOs are beginning to realize the potential blockchain holds in the BFSI, supply-chain and CRM space.

6. IT security specialist: INR 7.45 lakh per annum

Cybersecurity has gone beyond being the CISO’s prerogative to a board-level concern. Emphasis on ‘secure-by-design’ and Secure DevOps has seen a steady rise in demand for security professionals.           

5. DevOps engineer: INR 7.94 lakh per annum

IT professionals with a thorough understanding of Git and Jenkins and cloud integration are the new blue-eyed boys of the enterprise.

4. Business Intelligence developer: INR 8.13 lakh per annum

Ever since CIOs realized the importance of business intelligence, and making it the base for decision-making, business intelligence developers are in great demand. Software whizzes with expertise on database technology and analytics are always going to be in the most wanted list.

3. Data scientist: INR 8.49 lakh per annum

Experienced data scientists, with a tenure exceeding three years can earn up to INR 17 lakh per annum. Knowledge on Python, R and Java can give data scientists added firepower in their negotiation conversations.

2. Software architect: INR 11.95 lakh per annum

More experienced professionals can earn up to INR 18 lakh per annum. In addition to coding prowess, software architects need to have a good grip on architecture and platforms.

1. Data warehouse architect: INR 12.93 lakh per annum

Perched right at the top of the stack are software and data warehouse architects. These guys are the ones who can help organizations make the best use of their data and derive valuable insights from it.

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