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How to minimise downtime in the data centre

Are you struggling to minimise data centre faults? Park Place Technologies provides the solution to maintain uptime

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Global organisations often face serious challenges with data centre maintenance. From big businesses to SMEs,the issue of data centre monetisation and dealing with downtime and uptime have been growing in complexity and prominence.

The rise of data centre outages has become increasingly noticeable and increasing at a high rate in the past year. Research shows that data centre outages are more likely to occur due to network or power failure and IT system error.

The Uptime Institute found that 31 percent of respondents experienced an IT downtime or severe service degradation in the past year, up from 25 percent in 2017. The results also show that almost half of survey respondents have had an outage in the past three years.

With the right maintenance processes, data centre outages can be prevented.

What is the solution?

The short answer to finding ways to avoid disruption in the data centre is to pay close attention to the maintenance and monitoring tools. Park Place Technologies, a third-party maintenance company that commits to provided digital infrastructure support can provide assistance where needed and often before a client knows it is needed.

ParkView™, Park Place’s fault monitoring platform is designed to identify all hardware issues before and as they happen.

The platform will automatically notify Park Place of the issues, with detailed information so that it can be resolved accurately. It improves resolution speed by up to 33 percent and the accuracy levels provide a first-time fix rate of 97 percent.

How it works

ParkView™ is powered by machine learning for real-time visibility to all events, identifying faults before they occur. It is built to support a wide range of OEMs, platforms, operating systems and generations.

“We are saving over eight hours per week by not having to travel to data centres and check on hardware,” said Robert Kruthaupt, senior technology team leader at Cincinnati Bell. “The time savings in people management is incredible. We have been able to reallocate associates’ time to more important duties than driving to data centres and checking for blinking lights.”

Data centre outages and failures have a significant effect in business costs, formerly costing up to £80 million.

ParkView™ comes to the rescue by eliminating traditional data centre management processes, with automated services for faster fault resolution and reduction of costs. Park Place guarantees that the ParkView™ platform and the varied selection of other data centre hardware services available means that support and maintenance costs can be reduced by 50 percent.

Park Place ensures that managed services are available to provide all customers with access to the core services required to keep data centre management in efficient condition at all times.

The services include infrastructure management, backup services and disaster recovery and more. These bespoke services are particularly effective when meeting the changing demands of every organisation.

Park Place Technologies provides third party maintenance with lower costs and increased services that includes post-warranty storage, server and networking support which guarantees improved uptime.

Cincinnati Bell decided to adopt Park Place Technologies’ ParkView™ services to automate all its data centre processes to get faster response times and solutions to problems that would formerly cause hours of downtime.

“In the past when we would find any issues, the technician would save all incidents and call them in at the end of the day,” Kruthaupt added. “By using ParkView™ we are saving an entire day sometimes since the part is automatically ordered and shipped to us.”

According to Park Place, ParkView™ is guaranteed to maximise data centre uptime by working round the clock to detects faults and significantly improve the speed and accuracy of fault resolution.

“Our ParkView™ offering comes at the apex of digital transformation across numerous verticals,” said Chris Adams, President and CEO at Park Place Technologies. “As CIOs are held more accountable than ever to be a revenue source for their organisations, this innovation allows enterprise IT to be as efficient and error-proof as possible, all while reducing costs.”

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About Park Place Technologies

Since 1991, Park Place Technologies has provided an alternative to post-warranty storage, server and networking hardware maintenance for IT data centres. As the world’s largest pure play post-warranty data centre maintenance organisation, Park Place supports tens of thousands of client organisations around the globe. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Park Place maintains offices across the globe, including in San Diego, Denver, Boston, Toronto, London, Wiesbaden and Singapore.


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