Pluralsight One launches new products for non-profits tech skills development

Enterprise technology learning platform Pluralsight has further developed its Pluralsight One initiative to provide better access to enterprise-grade tech skills across communities around the world.

Pluralsight One, which was launched in 2017, has been working with non-profit organisations to accelerate the development of technology skills in underrepresented regions.

From building technology solutions to respond to diseases like Ebola, to leveraging skills development for young refugees across the Middle East, non-profit organisations have been using technology to its full potential.

At its annual Pluralsight Live conference in Salt Lake City, Utah, Pluralsight One launched two new products, Amplify and Elevate, to support global non-profits and their beneficiaries for access to skills development, via mobile and offline resources, with a view to developing mission-critical skills.

The Amplify product offers a range of courses and assessments for non-profit professionals to develop skills and tech strategies, while the Elevate product is built to provide enterprise-level skills access for non-profits and communities.

"Our intention is that Pluralsight One has this incredible impact across the platform and we want to ensure that non-profits around the world have the ability to build their own technology skills, so they can integrate technology solutions as they work to advance their own missions," Lindsey Kneuven, head of social impact at Pluralsight told Computerworld UK.

During a pilot program with 40 non-profit organisations across 16 countries, Pluralsight One combined the best practices from the humanitarian and development sectors to identify the challenging areas that technology can transform.

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The development of technology skills using Pluralsight’s learning platform will enable non-profit teams and underrepresented individuals to master the skills they need to build better lives across at-risk populations.

"It is an incredibly huge sector that solves even more massive segments across the global population so for us, it’s a great gateway to enabling access and ensuring that individuals not only have access to a product but also have the right to wrap around support that they need based on their specific circumstances, enabling them to be successful with that tech skills development resource," she added.

Pluralsight One also announced partnerships with and the Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) to help provide further access to the products.

According to Pluralsight, students that pass’s Computer Science Principles course will gain free access to its intermediate and advanced courses in software development. Pluralsight One will also provide a $1.5 million grant to over three years to leverage opportunities for young girls and students of colour to gain computer science education.

"It is to promote inclusion and also to scale their work and our work together internationally by doing some language localisation and making sure that communities which need to build these skills from beginner to advanced are able to start that learning journey with and hand off to Pluralsight," Kneuven said.

The platform also offers free access to teachers that are members of the CSTA, plus over 33 other courses available.

"That’s the power of the Pluralsight platform which for me is so exciting, it’s a tool for life-on-learning and for me I see innovation, with the potential for non-profits to innovate and use their expertise in radically different ways and solve human needs," Kneuven added.


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