Silicon Slopes' Pluralsight aims to boost digital skills with tech learning platform

Utah-based company, Pluralsight, is providing companies with the opportunity to tackle the lack of tech talent and skills in the workplace with its new technology learning platform.

The platform, named Role IQ, is powered by Pluralsight’s machine learning Iris algorithm and enables professionals to develop their skills. It allows leaders to assess the expertise for different technology job roles.

Research figures show that just 26 percent of IT leaders say their skills are above average, and only 13 percent see the development of skills as strategic, according to a report cited by Pluralsight.

In an effort to diminish this, Role IQ allows users to learn new skills that are required for various job roles, or learn more skills for their current roles. The platform measures all the skills that are needed for users to be more successful in their jobs.

Role IQ is the latest addition to Pluralsight’s IQ family and together with Skill IQ, which was launched last year, the platform allows users to measure proficiency in different roles.

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“We are no longer just a learning platform, but a technology company disguised as a learning platform,” Aaron Skonnard, Pluralsight CEO and co-founder said on stage at Pluralsight Live 2018.

According to Skonnard, the company is shifting from its traditional physical classroom focus to virtual classroom learning functions since being founded in 2004.

Role IQ offers an example of how companies can embrace the need for digital talent as they adopt new technologies, starting from the skills assessment of in-house team members. It includes over 150 assessments across different technologies, giving CIOs and CTOs the opportunity to design custom roles from required skills.

They can also leverage roles developed by Pluralsight and partners, such as Microsoft Azure.

“With the launch of Role IQ, we’re expanding the capabilities of our platform and giving CIOs, CTOs and technology professionals what they’ve wanted for years: a way to accurately measure technology expertise in specific roles, as well as a clear path to continually develop that expertise,” Skonnard added.

It also further supports tech leaders in tackling the 'skills gap' across different roles.

In order to leverage the full potential of technology and enable companies around the world to understand the importance of digital skills, Pluralsight also launched interactive courses as a new hands-on learning experience which includes live coaching and projects for learners to master critical skills.

The projects and courses are designed to mimic real-life scenarios with coding challenges and tests that can be applied to workplace environments.

Role IQ and the interactive courses are available for free for all users around the world. Pluralsight will continually add roles independently and in collaboration with Google and other partners.

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