The O2 Arena is shifting towards 100% digital signage

The O2 Arena is looking to shift to 100% digital signage in a bid to deliver more dynamic offers during concerts and sporting events.

After seeing a good boost in food and drinks sales thanks to more dynamic digital signage at some of its primary concessions, the arena, which is one of AEG's flagship venues in Europe, is steadily expanding its use of the underpinning Cisco technology.

In a bid to reach 100% digital signage the venue is now working on all ground floor concessions for standing events over the next couple of months.

AEG uses Cisco for core connectivity across the stadium both for providing fans with Wi-Fi and its backend infrastructure, as well as Cisco Vision for delivering and managing digital signage.

So instead of having a single message everywhere the stadium team can now tweak and trigger new messaging during an event, such as a warning that certain concessions or bars are shutting.

Specifically, the deployment of Cisco's sports and entertainment specific Cisco Vision product (formerly Cisco StadiumVision) allows marketing, partnerships and catering teams at the venue to deliver unique digital content depending on the context of the event.

For example, for family events the concessions can push more soft drinks and sweets, while sporting events can focus on alcohol deals and sales.

More specifically, the O2 recently added some Nestle products to the Cisco Vision screens at the point of sale, and saw a roughly 7–12% uplift in sales. By having everything connected with Cisco the partnership team is able to better communicate these benefits to partners too.

David Jones, senior vice president of IT, AEG Europe told Computerworld UK: "The marketing and partnerships team value a system that is flexible and allows us to report back the delivery of airtime we promised."

Explaining why they went with Cisco solutions, Jones said: "The key here is, yes, there are a number of solutions for either menu connectivity or digital signage, but Cisco are the only company with a compete solution from wired and wireless network to the solutions themselves.

"It's a one stop shop you know will work in an integrated way and will play nicely together."

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