What to expect from the new-look Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft is starting to roll out a new-look Outlook.com experience over the coming weeks following the completion of six months of beta testing.

The vendor launched the Outlook.com beta last year with the aim of offering "a faster, smarter, and more personalised inbox," as detailed in a blog post this week. It is now launching new betas for Calendar and People.

Mail is getting a user experience overhaul, with a standardised look and feel for all users. Microsoft says it has improved performance as well as improving Skype integration and "easier ways to categorise and filter your emails".

Categories, love them or loathe them, have been changed so that users can assign a name and colour to each category and apply multiple categories to a single message. It is now easier to filter messages through the search bar too.

Microsoft also wants to make Outlook more personalised, with new settings for changing inbox themes, how conversations are displayed and a 'focused inbox' feature, which will prioritise important emails.

The beta calendar has also been overhauled with a "more responsive interface" and less cluttered design, as well as the ability to add an event in fewer clicks, without opening a new window.

People has also got a new look in beta, with a refreshed profile card and quicker access to favourite people and an easier way to add new contacts.

Access to the beta is available through a simple toggle at the top right of your inbox.


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