The UK and Ireland isn't ready for digital disruption, Dell EMC report finds

Digital transformation is the IT industry's favourite buzzword right now, and as a result Dell EMC has published a report looking into how large and small businesses across the UK and Ireland are adopting advanced technologies and digitising their enterprise.

However, there seems to be a lack of awareness amongst organisations within the UK and Ireland of the threat of digital disruptors, according to the research conducted by Dell EMC.

The research surveyed 500 senior business leaders, 400 of which were in the UK and 100 in Ireland, and found that 29 percent do not consider 'digital transformation' to be worrying factor.

Speaking at Dell’s digital disruption event in London this week, Claire Vyvan, SVP of UK&I commercial at Dell EMC said: “When we ask specifically about where the threats for those companies came from, only 50 percent of companies were worrying about the digital disruptors.

"So they are aware of digital disruption but only 50 percent of them are really worried about new entrants to the market, the rest are worried about their natural competitors."

The report found that media, marketing, communications and entertainment were the sectors that are most aware of the potential for disruption. Vyan added that: "Finance is obviously aware, but in their sample 20 percent of the companies, so one in five, weren’t thinking about digital disruption, which I find particularly shocking and astonishing knowing what’s going on in the fintech world."

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Traditionally the IT team has been relied on to drive digital innovation within a business. Despite this, 51 percent of respondents believe that innovation should be the responsibility of everyone within the organisation.

“Even when you understand that you either need to digitally transform or you need to protect yourself against digital disruptors in your market place, the feedback that we get is that even when you’re aware, about 75 percent of companies still don’t think they have the skill or the knowledge to be able to do anything about it," Vyvan said.

“Some of that then turns back to the IT teams within those companies and whether they are capable of driving digital disruption, bringing in new services and products to market and that’s where you see this concept of shadow IT."


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