Hyperconverged infrastructure, who the main players are in the market and how the technology could be set to evolve in future


In the space of just a few years, hyperconverged infrastructure has evolved from a niche product category to multi-billion dollar market and a key area of focus for the industry’s largest tech vendors.

As well as spurring the growth of start-ups such as Nutanix – valued at $2 billion for its 2016 IPO – it has attracted heavyweights Dell EMC, VMware and HPE, which acquired another early market entrant, SimpliVity for $650 million last year.

And this swift growth is unlikely to slow anytime soon. IDC stats showed that sales of hyperconverged systems expanded by 65 percent year on year during the first quarter of 2017, generating $665 million.

Driving this interest is the promise of reduced infrastructure costs and removal of some of the headaches of running on premise infrastructure – both key factors when public cloud becomes ever-more accessible to all types of businesses.

More and more businesses are starting to see the benefits. A survey by analyst firm 451 Research late last year showed that hyperconverged infrastructure is being used by 40 percent of organizations surveyed.

As the enterprise customer case studies in this e-magazine show, it offers the ability to quickly and easily set up infrastructure for use cases such as virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). But the hyperconverged market is quickly maturing, supporting a wider set of use cases, including more mission-critical applications.

It is also just one part of a wider move towards increased automation of data centre systems, leading to greater control of resources through software, and paving the way for further innovations around infrastructure architecture models.

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