Bet365 swoops in to save open source Riak database

UK online gambling giant Bet365 has made a surprising acquisition this week, purchasing the IP and trademark for open source and enterprise versions of the NoSQL database technology Riak for an undisclosed fee, after its parent company Basho went into receivership earlier this year.

Bet365 is an existing user of the technology and has decided to immediately fully open source the entire Riak codebase, making functionality that was previously only available to enterprise customers free for all.

Unlike Basho, which was reliant on commercialising Riak, Bet365 is free to release the technology in its entirety. As Andrew Deane, Bet365's middleware systems manager told Computerworld UK: "We are a gambling company and selling tech products isn't part of our business model." Bet365 will not be offering support for the technology though.

Deane also said as part of the official announcement that "Riak is a brilliant technology that we and others have invested heavily in and benefitted greatly from. We want to make sure all of our Riak projects continue unhindered and would like to invite the community to help us improve the technology further".

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Bet365 will continue to develop Riak along with the community -- which includes other enterprise users like the NHS and The Weather Channel -- and plans to add enterprise functionality, such as tackling multi-datacentre replication immediately. "Replication was a solved problem, it was just hidden behind a paywall, so we have taken that down," Deane explained.

"We will be asking the community to collaborate on key decisions from the functionality that will be of most benefit as well as the type of open source licence they feel will yield the greatest results."

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