What to expect at Oracle OpenWorld 2016

Oracle's annual 'OpenWorld 2016' conference is set to kick off at 5pm (PDT) on Sunday 18 September with cofounder and CTO Larry Ellison's two-hour opening keynote. The conference will take place at the Moscone Center and surrounding area in San Francisco over five days.

The conference runs from 18 September to 22 September 2016 and is expected to welcome about 60,000 attendees from more than 140 countries. There will be 1,700 sessions in total across the entire event.

Attendees will hear from most of the Oracle leadership team, including joint CEOs Safra A. Katz and Mark Hurd plus top executives from IT vendors Intel, Wipro, Infosys, political strategists from both the Democrat and Republican parties, senior analysts and academics.

Oracle OpenWorld 2016: how to live stream the sessions

Those unable to attend in person will be able to watch events live and on demand here. Check back for a live stream when the conference starts.

Oracle OpenWorld 2016: what to expect

Oracle chairman Larry Ellison promised to introduce the "second generation" of the company's Infrastructure as a Service at Oracle OpenWorld in its Q1 2017 financial results published on 15 September, with AWS in his sights.

"Our Generation2 IaaS delivers twice the compute, twice the memory, four times the storage and ten times more I/O at a 20 percent lower price than Amazon Web Services. IaaS represents a huge new cloud opportunity for Oracle to layer on top of our rapidly growing SaaS and PaaS businesses," he added.

For a perhaps more objective view we also spoke to some analysts about what to look out for next week. Here's what they said...

"Cloud and more cloud," says Gartner research VP Chad Essinger.

Forrester Research VP Jeffrey Hammond agrees we should expect "an update on Oracle's move into the cloud".

"Oracle is playing catch-up when it comes to developers’ adoption of its public cloud. I’ll be looking for example of clients that are using services like the Java Cloud Service and Mobile Cloud Service in production, and will interested to hear about their experiences to date," he says.

Hammond says to expect updates on Java governance, technology and commitment.

"There been a rising tide of concern from many on the Java community that Oracle is shifting its commitments around Java in general and Java EE in particular. It think JavaOne/Oracleworld is as good a time as any for Oracle to provide clear direction on what it is doing WRT to Java stewardship and why," he adds.

Essinger suggests to expect plenty of sessions and announcements around Oracle's porfolio of cloud applications and acquisitions, with a particular focus on manufacturing and the supply chain, as well as the company's historical markets of HCM, CRM and ERP cloud. Essinger also predicts plenty of news on its progress with PaaS, with a focus on integration capabilities - plus IaaS-related announcements.

"I would expect quite a bit of posturing on cloud bookings and go lives compared to companies like Workday and Salesforce.com," he adds.

"I don’t suspect that there will be any discussion of the pending Netsuite acquisition but perhaps more about last week’s announced acquisition of partner and native cloud Warehouse management vendor LogFire," Essinger says.

Regarding security announcements, he expects "in-memory will likely be highlighted with respect to the database and while its engineered systems will be discussed, my current thinking is that this product line will take a back seat."

The UK Oracle User Group told ComputerworldUK they were “looking forward to seeing if there is more clarity about the options for on-premise application customers and hoping that the latest database release will actually get a release date”.

There will also be more information on what to expect at Oracle Openworld when Oracle announces its 2017 Q1 earnings on Thursday 15 September. Watch this space for updates.

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