tvONE repalces legacy systems with NetSuite's cloud ERP and OneWorld platforms

Audio and visual manufacturers tvONE is ditching its legacy system in favour of NetSuite's ERP and OneWorld software, with full integration to be complete by August this year.

CFO David Van Horn said that the NetSuite platforms will support growth globally and keep manufacturing costs down.

"The best thing about NetSuite was the scalability and the cloud-based [infrastructure] which is really important to us as we have operations across the world, three offices in the US and Europe," he told Computerworld UK earlier this month.

"In fact, we have people in South America, China and Taiwan who we currently have no connection with. So it will allow us to grow and expand into that," he added.

OneWorld supports internal and external business operations with capabilities in managing multiple business units and subsidiaries. It supports global, real-time data insights and financial management for over 190 currencies, in over 160 countries.


While a registered US company, tvONE runs all research, development and manufacturing from the UK, having offices in both Margate, Kent and Maidenhead with operations across the world.

"The Maidenhead office which is our R&D centre, was opened in 2012. The centre was opened there because it's in the Tech Corridor in Maidenhead. So we built that operation up with the mindset that we needed to develop our products," said Van Horn.

How will NetSuite be used?

tvONE found it had a problem with its previous software, claiming the previous systems in place were outdated and lacked the support needed to expand their operations and meet their target KPIs.

Van Horn said: "We were previously a publicly trading company and then we did a management buyout in July 2015. At that time we knew we had a really bad situation with our current software. It was very limiting in what it could do, it didn't work very well and was installed in 2005, having only been upgraded one time in the 11 or 12 years we had it.

"It just didn't work at all, it had no possible roadmap for success in our company," he added.

After the management buyout in July last year, tvONE looked to NetSuite to tackle key aspects of their business procedures with particular attention on global growth and costs.

Van Horn said: "We decided as a new management team that we needed to do something, we needed to look for something that was going to drive down our inventory [costs], help control the maintenance of our manufacturing cost and allow us to grow."

Van Horn highlighted how NetSuite's OneWorld software will be used across the global brand. "We will be using the base core functionality of NetSuite and the OneWorld because we have two separate legal entities, one in the US and one in the UK so we do consolidate up into a parent company," he said.

"We are currently looking to replace our procurement, sales orders and shipping and receiving procedures. That's our phase one option," he added.

NetSuite implementation

tvONE is mid-way through its implementation of NetSuite's ERP and OneWorld software, with a final completion date set for 26th August 2016.

tvOne's ERP administrator Ranesh Senanayake said: "We are basically at the stage of submitting the business process requirements to NetSuite. Internally we went through a 'value-stream mapping' of our processes in the US business to understand what the process involved.

"From this, we're going to model the US processes fundamentally based on the UK processes and then customise it afterwards," he added.

tvONE is first looking to replace its procurement, sales, shipping and receiving systems within phase two and three of implementation to be completed later in the year.

"NetSuite analytics is one of the things we're looking into for phase two or three implementation. It's one of those things that once we get started with our phases we can start pulling information together about how to pull the data out and integrate the budgets, dynamics and workflows," said Van Horn.

"Phase two, as we're doing manufacturing, the NetSuite's manufacturing suite doesn't suit what we need, so we're moving into advanced manufacturing that is also provided by NetSuite," he added.

Benefits of NetSuite

Van Horn described how the implementation has already made him look at tvONE's manufacturing and development as a whole, assess them and consider new approaches.

He said: "The implementation has allowed us to take a step back and take a look at our businesses processes. So it's not just implementing the software it's stepping back and taking a look at the whole process of how we do business.

"With other solutions we had to change the way we did things to fit into their software but with NetSuite we can just say ‘this is how we do it’, and just change the software so we can continue to do it our way and move forward," he concluded.


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