How Jaguar Land Rover reaches a financial close quicker in SAP - without Hana

Firms that are not in a position to migrate to SAP's Hana can use standard operational reporting tools to speed up financial processes in SAP ERP, like Jaguar Land Rover.

While it is likely the British car manufacturer will move to SAP's Hana database within two years' time, the firm is using simple measures to process financial reports from its ECC [ERP central component] more quickly, without extra development costs, Naeem Arif, Jaguar Land Rover's SAP financial lead said during an SAP event in Nice today.

Previously, 300 Jaguar Land Rover employees were waiting overnight for an update of their business intelligence to check figures. Arif is working with its global divisions to tweak standard operation reporting processes - all in the standard SAP package - to shave time off reports.

"It takes five days to close [reports]. We are rolling this out and hope to pull back a day. Next we will move this to our European financial directors. We have suddenly got this value to the business without any development costs. It is adding huge value to the business."

Arif, who works with clients on behalf of SAP, said that simple measures like SAP Report Painter and careful use of the often problematic SAP Query QuickView helped to speed up processing.

During the conference Arif created a target report from scratch in ten minutes using Report Painter.

"I'm not saying don't buy Hana, but while that makes your processes quicker and faster, this is a simple way to close quicker and add value to your organisation.

"Creating custom reports using the Report Painter tool not only saved Jaguar Land Rover processing time but helped onboard finance end-users "who need to move on from Excel," he said.

Using SAP's Query QuickView also helped the BI team to spot any problems during the data migration to reporting in SAP ERP, in the case of poorly inputted master data, for example. Arif was able to query where the problematic information came from and ensure all sources were reliable.


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