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After over seven years of publishing, this is the last column on the Open Enterprise blog. You can access all 1400 posts from the complete listing in reverse chronological order; if you want to start at the beginning you can use this page.) For my last post, I thought it might be interesting to pick out some of the key events that have taken place in open source and its related fields during that time. It's pretty astonishing how much has happened, and how much has been achieved. As I said in one of my recent posts, free software has definitely won, but it's certainly not finished. Thanks for sharing that amazing journey.


Our Manifesto- how it all started.

In Search of the GNU/Linux Desktop- yes, even seven years ago, this was a thing.

Samba's Big Step- remember this big win?


Extinguishing LAMP: Sun Buys MySQL- not that it did it much good.

">Nokia Buys Trolltech
- same could be said here.

Against Intellectual Monopoly- an early appearance of one of my favourite books.

Google's New Open Source Blog- amazing to think it only started then.

">Thunderbird is Go
- one of my many columns praising this email client.

Dell Fails to Deliver- another perennial topic: lack of hardware support for GNU/Linux.

The Economics of Information Security- important, but unjustly-neglected topic.

Don't be Neutral about Net Neutrality- yes, I was worried about it even back then.

ICANN Goes .bonkers- and it's got worse since then.

Defending Openness in the European Union – RF- the issue of Restriction-Free licences would crop up many times.

Urgent: Please write to your MEP – Now!- one of many calls I made, this time about the EU's Telecom Package.

O Tell Me the Truth about... the Telecoms Package- more on that subject.

Act Now on ACTA- one of the first mentions of this anywhere.

Stop European Software Patents (Again)- a topic that would crop up again and again.

Write to Them: European Interoperability Framework v2- suddently relevant again, as we look towards EIFv3.

Chrome: Google's Anti-Browser- you might think it's been around longer.

Celebrating Open Access (Day)- an early mention for this area.

(Open) China Rising- like the desktop, we're still waiting for this to happen.

Straight Talking About the Unspeakable ACTA- more worrying details.

Mapping the OpenStreetMap Ecosystem- OSM in the early days.

Welcome to Great (Firewall) Britain- censorship rears its unlovely head.

Alan Cox and the End of an Era- moving on.

Extreme Openness: the Rise of Wikileaks- another early mention of what became a familiar name.


">On Becoming a Twit – the day I joined Twitter.

Why the Android Platform Will Beat the iPhone- people laughed when I wrote this; not laughing so much now.

EU: Microsoft Must Offer Competitors' Browsers- I wonder who still remembers this?

The State of the Database State – an early warning of what would happen.

Why, Actually, Are They Hiding ACTA?- for the same reason they are hiding TTIP.

A Day to Remember: 23 April, 2009- Shakespeare's birthday and the day Ubuntu's Jaunty Jackalope arrived.

Whatever Happened to OOXML?- still a good question.

What Does Sir Tim Want? Raw Data Now!- and so he should.

Help Save the BBC from HDTV DRM- a psuillanicmous BBC caves to the copyright industries.

Please Help Save European Net Neutrality- yes, again.

EU Wants to Re-define "Closed" as "Nearly Open"- bad stuff in Brussels.

The Great ACTA Lie Revealed- the truth about ACTA starts to come out.

">Mandelson's Madness
- the awful Digital Economy Bill takes shape.


The Netscape Story: From Mosaic to Mozilla- the end of an era.

Quick: Time to Stop the SWIFT Agreement- the SWIFT agreement makes an early appearance.

Digital Economy Act: Built on Sand- more on this disgraceful legislation, passed at the last minute with no meaningful scrutiny.

One Act is over for ACTA: How Will the Drama End?- a draft version is finally released; what's in it?

Why No Billion-Dollar Open Source Companies?- a question that proved rather popular at the time.

Why Android's Victory is Inevitable- I said it again.

BSA's Piracy Numbers: Less than They Seem- great fun was had.

Is GCHQ Frighteningly Clueless or Fiendishly Cunning?- little did I know what was really going on.

Wikileaks: the Web Watches and Waits- more leaks.

European Interoperability Framework v2 - the Great Defeat- a bad moment for free software in Europe.


Why We Should Care about the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)- the first mention of these important negotiations.

Why Microsoft Costs the World $500 Billion a Year- no, really.

OpenCorporates - Open Database of the Corporate World- an important resource that is still not well-known enough.

Dell Does it Again- still disappointing for its lack of support.

As British as Raspberry Pi?- an early mention of a great project.

BSA 2010 Piracy Report: Big Numbers, Big Flaws- coming back for more punishment.

Hargreaves Report: Patently Sensible Stuff- good ideas on the patent front.

The Real Legacy of the Hargreaves Report?- evidence-based policy, rather than policy-based evidence.

Why Are Hackers Becoming So Angry?- the rise of the hacker activist.

Why We Should - and Can - Abolish All Patents- includes video and slides of my talk "From Openness to Abundance".

Welcome to Moody's Microblog Daily Digest- self-explanatory, I think.

Michael Hart (1947 - 2011): Prophet of Abundance- a sad loss of a profound thinker.

UK Government: Open Standards Must be RF, not FRAND- the start of a long, long battle.

Will Nginx Be to Apache What Chrome is to Firefox?- and then some.

Mozilla's Brendan Eich on the Birth of Firefox- little-known tales of the early days.

Why The Internet of Things Will Be Open- has to be, won't work otherwise.

Flood of EU Software Patents on the Way?- the start of the Unitary Patent saga.

UK Government Open Standards: The Great Betrayal of 2012- as we half suspected.


Is Microsoft Blocking Linux Booting on ARM Hardware?- the great UEFI scandal unfolds.

SOPA Stopped: So Back to ACTA- one down, one to go.

ACTA Update I- the first of a relatively short series tracking ACTA' decline and fall.

ACTA Update XIII- ACTA begins to stumble, then crumble.

How Microsoft Fought True Open Standards I- the first of a serious of revelations provided by a Freedom of Information request I made.

ECJ Decision: You *Do* Own Software That You Buy- important judgement.

So We Won on ACTA Yesterday: Now What?- an unprecedented victory that gives hope for the future.

Time to Fight for Net Neutrality in the EU- the battle begins again.

Comment on the UK Government's Snooping Bill- a key new chapter in defending privacy and liberty opens up.

The Googlisation of Surveillance- little did I know what was coming.

Before and After ACTA - the Video- more of my slides and videos.

Snooper's Charter: 19,000 Emails Against, 0 In Favour- the people have spoken.

Does CETA Spell ACTA?- a first warning about CETA.

Finally: UK Open Standards are RF, not FRAND- good news for a change.

What ACTA Taught Us in 2012- important lessons that we'd need sooner than we thought.


After ACTA: Trans-Atlantic Partnership Agreement- the first mention of what became TAFTA, then TTIP.

Fighting for Open Access- in the wake of the death of Aaron Swartz.

Toxic Cloud Computing, and How Open Source Can Help- a look at a document that presciently warned of the dangers of NSA spying.

EU Data Protection: Proposed Amendments Written by US Lobbyists- another big battle that is still going on.

Why TAFTA Matters, and What We Should Do About It- an early warning.

European Commission Replies to My IPRED Letter- why it is always worth writing.

BSA Study Demonstrates Open Source's Economic Advantage- probably not the intended effect.

How Does Prism Change the Way We See Things?- the first post inspired by Edward Snowden's incredible revelations of mass surveillance.

How Can Any Company Ever Trust Microsoft Again?- they can't, given what we now know about the NSA's use of Microsoft zero days.

Please Help Overturn EU Data Retention Directive- and you did.

UK Sliding into Something Worse than Censorship- the slippery slope begins.

TTIP Update I- the first of a very long series exploring every aspect of TTIP and ISDS.

The Canary in the Coal Mine: Groklaw Shuts Down- a sad day, and all because of NSA and GCHQ spying.

Linus on Linux, 22 - and 5 - Years Later- how time flies when you're having fun.

NSA's Crypto Betrayal: Good News for Open Source?- the only good crypto is open crypto.

The Birth of a GNU Era- the small start of a big idea.

Tim Berners-Lee on Why HTML5 "Needs" DRM- sad to see this.

ISDS: ACTA by the Back Door?- an introduction to its horrors.

Is Mozilla on the Bridge of Khazad - or on the Fence?- terrible news: Mozilla backs a DRM'd Web.

The Coming Chinese Android Invasion- welcoming the imminent arrival of Xiaomi and others.

Resisting Surveillance on a Unprecedented Scale I- the first section of a three-part essay I wrote for Netzpolitik.


[Update] Big Votes in European Parliament – Passed- big votes on surveillance and data protection both passed.

Arduino: Open Hardware at 10- a key open hardware project hits a milestone.

Microsoft: Windows Will Cause Business $500bn of Problems in 2014- from the horse's mouth.

Huge EU Win: Data Retention Directive Declared Invalid- a big win with big implications.

The Cost of Open Source: the Problem- OpenSSL's Heartbleed bug.

At Last: Microsoft's Anti-Android Patents Made Patent- all thanks to the Chinese Ministry of Communications.

TTIP Update XXX- all about the EU's famous ISDS consultation.

US Limits Software Patents - As EU Boosts Them- you win some, you lose some.

TTIP Update XXXIII - 150,000 ISDS Submissions- the unprecedented response and rejection.

Huge Win for ODF in UK: Let's Not Mess it up- fantastic news.

Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) and Transparency- another one to worry about.

The Coming War on Encryption, Tor, and VPNs- this is serious.

The UK's Real Intelligence Failure- time for a global debate about the limits of surveillance.

TISA Leak: EU Data Protection and Net Neutrality Threatened- as we feared: would completely undermine EU's strong privacy laws.

2015: the Year of Open Source with Chinese Characteristics?- the Chinese are coming - very rapidly.


2015: Open Source Has Won, But It Isn't Finished- after the wins of 2014, what's next?

New Threat to Openness in the EU: Trade Secrets Directive- part of a concerted attack, it seems.

Could Cameron Be So Stupid as to Undermine Encryption?- you never know…

Reform Agenda for Overhaul and Updating of EU Copyright- bold but sensible ideas to drag copyright into the 21st century.

It's Windows *10*, Because It's 10 Years Behind Open Source- and aeons behind in security, trust and privacy.

To Counter Mass Surveillance, "SOS": Secure Open Source- here's what we need to do.

Open Source's Secret - and Dangerous – Shame- support these projects - or lose key freedoms.

After Android: Ubuntu, Xiaomi, Meizu or Tencent?- why we need to keep an eye on the Chinese smartphone sector.

Why the Time has Come for an Open Access Foundation- learning from the open source experience.

UK Government Now Main Driver of ODF Advance: Kudos- Open Document Format goes from strength to strength.

Solving the Free Software Liability Conundrum- could this approach encourage all software companies to write better code?

Did GCHQ Spy on You? Why not Find Out?- UK government admits it broke the law; what to do next

TTIP Updates - The Glyn Moody blogs- everything you wanted to know about TTIP in 51 updates.


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