UK parking body gets better visibility of overdue tickets with Microsoft Dynamics


The British Parking Association has called in service provider Advanced to solve its data silo issue and help integrate its website, e-marketing and customer profiles for better understanding of its members.

The parking body – the largest organisation of its kind in Europe – has consolidated three membership databases with a brand new Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The British Parking Association is responsible for managing appeals against parking charge notices and regulating parking regulations. It also represents 720 members ranging from private car park operators, manufacturers, suppliers and local authorities.

Since bringing in service provider Advanced to integrate its core communications applications, it has seen a reduction in manual data entry, task automation and improved audit trails for compliance investigations.

The new CRM is integrated with the organisation’s website and marketing automation tool, Click Dimensions, which provides e-marketing, web analytics and campaign management.

This allows marketing teams to see who has opened and viewed newsletters and clicked to access related content on the website, allowing them to schedule automatic, relevant follow-up communications.

Aimee Bates, office services coordinator at the British Parking Association said: “Web tracking enables us to see who is interested in our services and understand their area of interest.

"Information requests and downloads are recorded against records in Microsoft Dynamics CRM and this means we can track a visitor’s journey and offer them relevant content. This detailed intelligence is key to improving communications and also evaluating the effectiveness of our campaigning, via in-depth reporting.”

Database silos

Previously, member information was held in three separate databases which meant company updates were made in triplicate, a time consuming process prone to human error.

Bates added: “Since deploying Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we have centralised all information within a single system. Updates only need to be made once and reduced data entry has saved our teams a substantial amount of work and time. We have also automated many tasks, such as scheduling telephone calls to new members. This has lessened our workload and ensures that important activities are not overlooked.

“The solution is also key to managing compliance investigations, enabling us to record a complete audit trail of case information, from initial correspondence through to investigation and resolution. The system is critical to us and the services we provide to members of the public.”

The CRM also includes a reporting function, enabling visibility to keep on top of service level targets and to form the basis for strategic decision making, the firm said.

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