AstraZeneca to open clinical trial data through online portal next year

Pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca has announced A 'Data Transparency Portal' that will allow researchers to access its clinical trial data.

The portal is part of a larger Transparency program which will see the pharmaceutical giant posting results of all its sponsored trials across all stages of clinical development on public websites – regardless of the outcome.

Patients that participate in AstraZeneca-sponsored trials will be able to see simple summaries of trial results on its website, and clinical overviews, summaries, study reports and plan documents will be available on in 2016.

In addition, a board made up of clinical scientists including renowned health information scientist Alexander Walker and biostatistician Simon Day will meet regularly to consider requests from researchers who want to use the trial data.

Professor Peter Kowey, chair of the Board, said: “I am excited to be leading the Scientific Review Board for AstraZeneca and contributing to furthering transparency for the purposes of developing better drugs to help patients across the globe.”

While technical details were not announced by the firm, it previously signed a large programming and reporting outsourcing deal with Cognizant in 2011.

Under the multi-year deal, AstraZeneca said the outsourcer was tasked with providing "comprehensive" biostatistics and medical reporting services, aimed at aiding clinical studies.

It also covered statistical programming, data analysis, medical writing and document publishing services.

AstraZeneca decided to open up its data as a commitment to international and European data sharing principles, it said in a statement.

The announcement coincides with a considerable IT overhaul, which will see AstraZeneca's new technology centre in Chennai begin to take control of its global SAP estate.

It now has around 300 staff ready to take over its Asia Pacific SAP Enterprise Central Component (ECC) and will have placed around 700 more IT workers to support AstraZeneca’s remaining seven ECCs, alongside its other IT, by 2016. There will be 1,000 IT staff working on the pharmaceutical's estate but it is yet to be confirmed how many will focus on each function.

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