MWC: Post Event Action Plan

Constellation believes that mobile is more than just the device. While smart phones and other devices provide a key enabler, design in digital transformation should take into account how these technologies address the business value and business model transformation required to deliver on break through innovation.

These devices provide the sense and respond, the interactivity, and the connectivity required for digital transformation. In applying mobile solutions to the solution design point, Constellation recommends that clients:

  1. Assess how third generation enterprise mobile apps can change the business. Constellation recommends that clients seek the most common, cross-functional business problem that cannot be solved with linear thinking. Articulate the business problem and benefit. Show how the solution orchestrates new experiences. Identify how analytics and insights can fuel the business model shift. Exploit full native device features. Seek frictionless experiences.
  2. Determine whether to build, buy, or modify.Given the scarcity of third generation enterprise mobile solutions, most organisations fear the need to staff up large mobile app dev shops. Where solutions have been developed, expect to take these solutions as a platform to expand from. Where solutions have not been developed, Constellation suggests that organisations who have strong app dev shops, standardise on a mobile app platform for development. For those who lack the resources or would prefer not to staff up for mobile app dev, Constellation suggests engagement with design shops and system integrators who have platforms that can scale for the rapid of pace of change in mobile development.
  3. Plan for a mobile experience workshop.As part of the design thinking process, clients move beyond the inquiry or exploratory conversation to solidify objectives. The process starts with a proof of concept, road mapping engagement, and then the actual enterprise mobility project. The process often results in quick wins for the business side and cuts cost out of the IT budget.

Posted by R "Ray" Wang


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