MWC 15 Guide: Mobile Identity

One of the most important trends in the past 10 years is the adoption of smart mobile technology for identity management. The mobile phone is the ideal identity device. It integrates authentication directly with the apps that need it; it's a natural second factor; it's ubiquitous and you notice within minutes when it's lost or stolen; and a mobile phone's built-in cryptography provides smartcard-grade authentication.

All those critical identity documents and credentials we carry around in our pockets will soon be managed in secure mobile wallets, with vastly improved privacy. All the major SIM card and mobile firmware providers have major plays in the identity management plumbing, including G&D, Gemplus, Oberthur and Trustonic. And they're all parlaying advanced SIM technology into Machine-to-Machine security in the Internet of Things.

Biometrics and mobile devices go together like strawberries and cream. Voice recognition leader and FIDO Alliance member AGNITiO will be demonstrating new technology to the "Showstoppers" press event on Sunday afternoon.

The GSMA has been collaborating in the past 12 months with the Open Identity Foundation - another sign of how identity and access technology is integrating in the personal device UX. So I'm looking forward to presentations from the likes of John Bradley from Ping Identity and David Pollington from GSMA.

Constellation likes to say that privacy is the inverse of identity: If identity management is what you need to know about someone, privacy management is what you don't need to know! And it's great that privacy gets its own sessions at MWC too. Check out the "User Centered Privacy" panel on Monday afternoon. A strong set of speakers will unpack transparency, choice and control over data in a connected world where information is being broadcast and absorbed more and more continuously.


  • Keynote: The New Mobile Identity Wednesday 9:15
  • SIM: Subscription, Identity and Money Wednesday 11:30 - 13:30
  • Navigating the Mobile Contactless Payments Landscape Thursday 11:30 - 13:00

And if you can't be there in person -- or if you just can't be in all places at once -- follow the privacy discussion on Twitter at #MWC15PRIV.

Posted by Steve Wilson


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