MWC 15 guide: IoT for matrix commerce

This year's Mobile World Congress will heavily emphasise what else...the Internet of Things (IoT). Expect to hear a lot about connected homes, connected cars, and how IoT is spilling beyond these areas deeper into the supply chain.

Early adopters should keep their eyes peeled for next generation IoT applications in transportation, manufacturing, warehousing and other parts of the extended supply chain. The IoT market for commerce isn't as solid as the futurists speaking at MWC will have you believe.

Players are still jostling for position, making planning for IoT a little tricky. Try to get a sense for the direction this budding technology market is heading when it comes to standards and IoT platforms.

Are we moving closer to standards that will make the connectivity between networks simple? Or is IoT continuing down the path towards specific platforms and standards for different parts of the IoT ecosystem?

Posted by Guy Courtin

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