Lawyers Without Borders shreds other document privacy systems in favour of Intralinks

Lawyers Without Borders has chosen Intralinks VIA to securely share sensitive legal documents among its international team of pro bono lawyers.

The international non-profit organisation is committed to supporting the rule of law in some of the world’s most challenging nations. With Intralinks VIA, Lawyers Without Borders can enjoy all the productivity benefits typically associated with file sync and share services, while maintaining the data privacy and document control it needs.

Founded in 2000, Lawyers Without Borders hires legal professionals from around the world as volunteers, either individually or through their employers as pro bono partners. The organisation is focused on building the justice sector of developing nations and regions emerging from conflict, and is tasked with training individuals in these regions in criminal law, human trafficking, domestic violence, corruption, land and human rights.

Because Lawyers Without Borders is neutral, similar to the Red Cross, it prefers to keep details regarding its work in-country private, for the safety of the lawyers, protection of in-country stakeholders, and the preservation of the integrity of ongoing work.

Lawyers Without Borders previously tried transferring sensitive files through encrypted email or FTP, but it said these methods were "clunky" and posed "serious security risks" when frustrated staff opted out of the "burdensome processes". It also tried a Microsoft SharePoint file-sharing application, but when it became clear that the system "wasn’t as secure as it had expected", the site had to be taken down and the entirety of the files immediately deleted.

The organisation says it also previously used "consumer-grade" cloud file sharing option Huddle, but this "failed to deliver the granularity of control of user permissions" that it required to keep documents accessible to the right people and at the same time safe from unsanctioned access.

Christina Storm, founder of Lawyers Without Borders, said: “Our work often requires our team of lawyers to share and collaborate on highly sensitive material across remote locations. If those documents were to fall into the wrong hands, it could have dire consequences for the brave people working in-country.”

She said: “There have been documents which, if leaked, would put our in-country partners and volunteers at risk of suffering reprisal. On some occasions, there is so much sensitivity involved that I’m not even comfortable with third party off-site document shredding. With Intralinks we can not only aspire to the level of document security available to the private for-profit sector, we can achieve it.”

Intralinks VIA is built on the Intralinks Platform, a secure data exchange technology that has been used in highly regulated industries for almost two decades, and which passes between 30 and 40 security audits per year from the world’s financial, government and life sciences institutions.

Intralinks Platform supports a variety of SaaS-based collaboration applications purpose-built for mergers and acquisitions, clinical trials, investor communications and other services. Intralinks VIA provides a general file sharing and collaboration solution that employees can use as part of their daily work routines, while giving CIOs and CISOs enterprise-wide control over cloud-based file sharing.

Organisations can control who can view, edit or share files, and customer-managed encryption helps address the wave of regulations that require organisations to store their data in particular jurisdictions for privacy and protection purposes. Intralinks gives customers exclusive control of the encryption keys.

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