Big data: Tesla to use Hadoop to get more from connected cars

Teslawill use a Hadoop cluster when it begins to collect more of its connected car data, CIO Jay Vijayan said at Gartner Symposium in Barcelona.

The electric carmaker, which produces the most connected car in the market - the Tesla S, currently collects data from its cars purely for research and development for car maintenance. This allows IT, engineers and the manufacturing lines to resolve issues and send back fixes with its over-the-air software updates.

But as its big data increases, it will use the cluster to learn more about its customers, influencing business decisions.

Vijayan said: “We are working on a big data platform...The car is connected, but it does not really talk to the network every minute because we want to keep it as smart and efficient as possible.

“It alerts us if the car is not functioning properly so service teams can take action.”

Challenges of network infrastructure

Network infrastructure to support the car’s firmware updates across different regions is another challenge the IT team are assessing, Vijayan revealed.

“To continue to send the data to the network, our network bandwidth has to continually expand. We do not have any challenges today but we constantly think about expanding our network infrastructure globally,” he said.

The carmaker wants European customers to receive a “seamless connectivity” when they travel between different countries, Vijayan added.

It is currently using Telefonica networks within its European divisions.

Tesla will be first to bring driverless cars to the market

Brushing aside concerns thatGoogle's driverless car project might take centre stage in years to come, Tesla's CIO claimed at the conference: "The [Tesla] car is already extremely connected, every important part in the car is already connected. It is going to be significantly faster to develop self driving features in the car for any other company."

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