Rolls-Royce moves global HR into the cloud with Workday

Rolls-Royce is moving its global human resources into the cloud with Workday, helping to streamline operations.

Rolls-Royce will use Workday Human Capital Management (HCM), including Workday Time Tracking. With Workday, Rolls-Royce says it will streamline global operations, modernise talent management and create greater visibility into its workforce.

Rolls-Royce’s move covers two main business segments, aerospace and marine and industrial power systems (MIPS). These business segments cover gas turbines and reciprocating engines, with 55,000 staff in 45 countries involved in their design, production and sale.

By moving HR to the Workday cloud, Rolls-Royce says it will gain the agility and speed it needs to support continued growth and the ability to access and analyse real-time workforce data for better decision making.

Workday HCM will enable Rolls-Royce to standardise HR processes worldwide, streamlining operations to create greater efficiencies and productivity throughout the business. It will also allow the company to configure business processes "within minutes", such as organisation workflows, and change them easily when needed, said Rolls-Royce.

In addition, the company says it will gain deeper insights into its workforce that will enable managers to better measure performance, recognise top talent, and align skill sets with roles. And it will access analytics that can help drive hiring and sourcing decisions, such as cost and project capacity, and help address capability gaps across different geographies and business structures.

Staff will also be empowered with greater self-service capabilities, enabling them to access information and perform tasks on an intuitive and easy-to-use HR application from mobile devices and desktops.

Rolls-Royce is considering using 3D printing technology to create lighter components for its jet engines, the company's head of technology strategy has said.

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