Sky News virtualises news operations to meet multichannel needs

Sky News has deployed a new virtualised content delivery platform to achieve greater flexibility across its multichannel news operations.

Sky News says it has increased the scalability and resiliency of its centralised platform operations by deploying Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation and Red Hat Satellite for systems management in two data centres.

The broadcaster says its television platform alone reaches an audience of 107 million viewers in 118 countries. Sky News decided to upgrade its IT infrastructure to help deliver news more consistently and quickly across multiple platforms.

Broadcasting, publishing and real-time news had originally been delivered from a centralised platform, but Sky News has rebuilt the system as a virtualised environment that can scale better, is more flexible, and which is more resilient for IT administrators and users.

Sky News opted to run the two virtualised data centres in a “back to back” setup, sharing workloads equally. This setup allows for enough free capacity to handle traffic peaks on the website and simultaneously satisfy disaster recovery requirements. Red Hat built a prototype of the “back to back” architecture Sky News was looking for, enabling it to thoroughly test the new concept before deployment.

Red Hat Satellite automates routine system administration work, reducing the manual processes the Sky News IT team now has to undertake. With Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation Sky News can launch new virtual machines to take advantage of new opportunities in the market.

James Murphy, technology delivery manager at Sky News, said: “Our speed of change used to be measured in months. Since deploying Red Hat solutions, it’s measured in weeks and even days - making us more responsive, not just to breaking new stories and world events, but to changes in market and audience demands too."


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