Two thirds of professional drivers happy with telematics

Two thirds of business drivers are comfortable with telematics being installed in their vehicles, a study has found.

While 72 percent of employees who drive for a living said they did not have telematics installed in their work or personal cars, 68 percent of those quizzed said they would be "comfortable" with the device.

For those who wouldn't like to see their driving monitored, the main objection was privacy concerns. Other barriers included being unsure of what information would be used for, and what benefits there were to monitoring driving, the study found.

Martin Hiscox, CEO and chairman of Masternaut, Europes leading telematics provider said: “As an industry, we cannot ignore the feedback from some drivers about data privacy....We’ve worked closely with unions and workers councils across Europe and taken the feedback on board to create a system that addresses driver and business requirements.”

The research was carried out by Atomik Research who surveyed 2,032 UK employees on behalf of Masternaut.

Construction supplier Travis Perkins told ComputerworldUK its new vehicle telematics system from Masternaut increased safety across the business, reducing accident figures over a five-year period.

Consumer-facing telematics are also beginning to enter the market.  In August BMW announced that it will start fitting the devices into its cars straight from the factory, as part of its connected drive technology which tracks distances travelled, and to provide users with a monthly mileage statement.

However, the telematics market has proven to be shaky lately. The RAC recently backed out of a partnership with Quindell amid bad publicity that saw the black box provider’s shares drop.


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