Paddy Power deploys tool to improve UX; translates to mobile and web sales

Paddy Power hopes to improve user experience (UX) across its applications and further streamline its DevOps approach with AppDynamics software.

AppDynamics will act as a “glass pane” for executives, developers and designers from application development through to production.

This will help developers to fix end-user issues that could be borne from browser incompatibility to network latency on the customer’s side.

Even the best app-makers would not be able to overcome some user-experience issues without this kind of visbility, regardless of the time and manpower investment into the development, development manager at Paddy Power, John Turner told ComputerworldUK.

He said: “It can be anything.  [Using AppDynamics] If you trace a user’s interaction with our website, it starts at their browser. The actual issue might be on their own desktop or on their own browser – something that we may not have had visibility of in the past, and we would have spent a significant amount of time trying to evaluate a user experience without it being in our control

“It could be latency on a network as opposed to our own infrastructure. Those types of problems are difficult to diagnose unless you have complete insight into their entire transaction.”

Paddy Power uses the software for end-user monitoring features on its website and through its mobile channels for both sports and gaming. They use the business transaction traceability software to see how transactions are flowing end-to-end so they can see a transaction history if an issue occurs.

The bookmakers will be able to cut down on compensating users for poor experiences, which will provide a revenue boost as well as improved customer service.

But assisting the businesses’ DevOps approach will be the most tangible return on investment, Turner said.

“You can quantify the efficiency we are leveraging our own infrastructure, what are the manpower costs of maintain uptime and what are the manpower costs of reacting to poor performance or stability within our infra those costs to be a lot more tangible and those were the main contributors to the bus case for adapting app dynamics.”

The 300-strong Paddy Power IT team releases updates daily, weekly or monthly dependant on the app; increased visibility with AppDynamics will allow the team to effectively use resources and avoid unnecessary repetition.

The bookmakers rolled out Opscode’s Chef automation tools in March last year to simplify configuration and deployment of server resources from its data centres running on a CloudStack platform to reduce the time needed to build, test and deploy applications.

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