Coca-Cola to open developer portal for innovative apps

Coca-Cola will launch a new site to simplify how it opens its APIs for developers to access in a bid to boost consumer marketing.

Nate Pawlicki, who leads data integration globally for The Coca-Cola Company said: “We have our developer portal out this month which will simplify our exposure of APIs that are used in consumer marketing.

Coca-Cola have several marketing agencies around the world that develop marketing programmes for the brand; all of which need to access information from the businesse’s core systems. Now Coca-Cola can hand over a key to let developers work without complicated access processes.

The soft drink giant is currently piloting an application that was developed as a result of opening up an API to a third party developer.

The app builds on Coca-Cola’s huge ownership of vending machines and coolers in public spaces globally, some of which are connected. The pilot in Asia Pacific allows customers in airports or shopping malls to charge their device on an installed charging strip on the machine.

“But how do you get access? By interacting with Coca Cola. With Tweeting, posting to Facebook or social networking we have created inner connectivity and provided something to the community by attaching it to the brand” Pawlicki said.

This year Coca-Cola began using APIs in its consumer marketing like loyalty scheme Coke rewards or when someone logs on to a Coca-Cola property website, supported by Apigee's API platform.


Despite the big data opportunities that comes with the Internet of Things (IoT), Pawlicki warned that there are pitfalls for businesses to consider.

“We have to be careful about that. In the back of my mind – we are constantly thinking about data and how what we are doing is being perceived by your customers.”

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