IBM Global Business Services refines its business technology value proposition

The event was designed for IBM to share its view of the future of the technology marketplace with industry analysts — and of course speak about how IBM fits into that role.

What’s clear is that IBM believes in the power of big data. Ok, so this may be obvious to the IBM watchers in the marketplace, but it’s interesting to see IBM bring to the table better marketing messages, case studies, and examples — all focused on how the GBS organisation can apply that data to help clients stay competitive.

Throughout the two days with GBS, it was clear that this is more than just good marketing from IBM, it’s the core of its strategy. And that’s a fairly healthy place to be right now: Many firms tell Forrester that analytics is at the top of their list of emerging technology efforts. 58% of firms Forrester surveyed recently indicated that they’ve either implemented or are planning to implement, expand, or upgrade their BI tools over the next 12 months.

Some observations about GBS from this event: 

At the end of the event, I was left with a few key questions: I'm glad to see IBM shooting for the front office, but do customers really look to IBM to help them with front-office initiatives? Is IBM a business leader ... or viewed primarily as a technology leader?

Or are those two things now the same thing? For now, the answer to those questions may depend on who you are speaking with. Overall, I'd say IBM GBS is doing a good job positioning itself, with a distinct value proposition, for the future of business technology. 

Working with IBM on any front-office initiatives? Skeptical of the value proposition? Leave a comment below and I'll be happy to respond. 

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