Sharpen your skills to keep SVM relevant

I needed to order a tool from recently, and I was greeted with a “New Year, New You” panel linking me to whole host of exercise equipment targeted to my lifestyle.

Same old New Year’s resolution song-n-dance, right? Well, the idea of self-improvement in 2013 got me thinking: we keep telling the SVM world that they need to stay relevant in a Business Technology world, so we’re now showcasing specific self-improvement tools to help you feel empowered stepping into 2013.

In our recent “SVM Activities, Roles, And Skills Are Evolving” report, we have outlined the root rationale for SVM’s evolution and our prescription on how to move forward:

  • Roles are becoming more complex. As technology spending habits changes, and spending ripples outwards from IT to the business, classic SVM roles (i.e. sourcing; contracts; vendor management) are broadening and deepening to include skills related to strategy, governance, and business value (see top column labels).
  • These roles require new skillsets and certifications. In order to fill out these new roles, SVM managers should encourage staff to grow their skillset with training and certifications in emerging categories including innovation, diversity, eco-friendly/ green, globalization, and strategy (see left-hand row labels). There are a host of organizations and authoring bodies that can help you demonstrate credibility in SVM emerging impact areas.

At Forrester, we believe SVM professionals can establish itself as a key part of the Business Technology landscape by successfully building out these new roles and skills.

What is your experience? Do you already hire for these skills? Do you see additional institutions or certificates as being relevant?

Posted by Mark Grannan


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