Some key points in today's National Audit Office report on the NPfIT

Below are some of the main points in today's NAO report on the NPfIT detailed care records systems. 

-  Main aims of the NPfIT won’t be achieved 

- System deliveries to 3,197 NHS organisations are outstanding 

- Cuts have been made in the number of systems and functionality being delivered and to be delivered - but there has not been a commensurate cut in costs 

- The NPfIT has not been value for money 

- The £4.3bn as yet unspent may not prove to be value for money

- The DH and NHS Connecting for Health have paid, but not fully understood, supplier invoices

-  About £6.4bn spent so far on the NPfIT

- Need to re-evaluate the business case for the NPfIT

- Many uncertainties and risks 

- Funds to cover the NPfIT are guaranteed until 2012 - what then?

- Contract renegotiations with CSC will reduce number of deployments and functionality of systems that are deployed.

- CSC’s contract may be terminated.

- Local costs may increase as a result of the need to make systems provided outside of the Programme compatible with systems provided through the Programme.”

- Much work is still needed before care records systems are able to do what the DH expected at the outset of the Programme.

- By 2012, as part of the reorganisation of the NHS, strategic health authorities will be abolished and the existing governance structure for the delivery of care records systems will disappear. 

- There is “uncertainty over the future of NHS Connecting for Health”.

- There are cost overruns - but overall NPfIT costs are to be cut by £1.3bn

- Fujitsu received more money after its contract termination than before - £71m before and £80m after.

- The Summary Care Record is expected to cost £150m

- Lack of transparency 

- CfH and DH still overly optimistic on progress

- Joined up healthcare may not happen under the NPfIT

- Officials have not measured progress against the original NPfIT aims

- The NPfIT vision has been compromised

- In CSC’s area only 10 out of 97 acute systems delivered 

- By 31 March 2011, the Department of Health will have paid CSC £854m for delivery of care records systems.

- More than 3,000 defects were found in Lorenzo - against a contractual limit of 700

- There have been disagreements with CSC 

- Did CfH and DH delay giving NAO information until it was too late to evaluate?

- Can the £9m cost of RiO be justified?

- £817m is the central Programme cost to 31 March 2011 - which excludes payments to BT and CSC.

- Interoperability could costs NHS trusts £172m

My summary of the NAO's findings today is here.  


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