How spending by NHS Connecting for Health compares

A report of the National Audit Office on the NHS includes a diagram that explains, in general, how the Department distributed its year's revenue allocation of £99.8bn in 2009/10.

Most of the money - £88.5bn - was handed to NHS organisations. But £9.7bn was spent centrally in that year, including £1.1bn by NHS Connecting for Health which runs the NPfIT. 

The CfH spend was about half the total spent by the DH on dentistry (£2.3bn) and twice as much as that spent by the DH on ophthalmology (£0.5bn), which includes the study and treatment of eye problems.

The CfH spend in 2009/10 was also higher than the total DH budget for research and development (£0.9bn), and was double the DH spend on substance abuse (0.4bn), and vaccines (£0.4bn), and European Economic Area Medical Costs (£0.6bn).

The CfH spend was not far short of the £1.5bn spent by the DH on Personal Social Services Funding (services for adults, children and families).

Almost exactly the same amount - £1.1bn - was spent centrally by the NHS Litigation Authority, of which about £827m was in payments in respect of claims of negligence.

It may be said that most of the money spent by the Litigation Authority was avoidable but necessary in the circumstances. The extent to which patients benefited from the CfH spend isn't clear.  

[To put the size of the CfH spend in an entirely different context, cuts in the BBC World Service, which it was said last night would cost 30 million listeners and 650 jobs, are expected to save £46m a year. The World Service costs £272m annually, about a quarter of that spent by NHS CfH in 2009/10]    


NAO report- Figure 1 Page 8 (Part 1)

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