The rise of interactive convergence

“Games are the convergence of everything,” began a recent article in business magazine Forbes .

The premise of the piece was that the integration of social and internet components is allowing players to experience a new era of immersive game play.

Sounds exciting, but what does such interactive covergence mean for business? How will the convergence of user interfaces - such as touch, voice and gesture - change the way we work and the way we use information?

New working practices and the seven-day weekend - The three-day working week of the early 1970s was a political reaction to intractable challenges posed through industrial action.

Sometimes reactions can be used to create new models of working and there was a time when UK workers might have expected the long-term adoption of a four or three-day working week.

Such changes never materialised, most workers still work a full five-day week - but transformation is afoot, often sponsored by fast-evolving internet technologies. What is emerging is not a reduced working week but increased flexibility that might be better described as a seven-day weekend.

Why do IT managers outsource all development to the same geography? Remember when all programming work was completed in-house?

Nowadays, it’s more likely that a mixture of external outsourcing consultants or technology experts from around the globe will complete elements of the development process. What does the multi-sourced approach mean for technology development and are companies making the most of their outsourcing arrangements?

Don’t forget to secure your web applications. The gold rush pushed by Web 2.0 and service-oriented architecture means things sometimes get left behind. Take security, which is often seen as an afterthought when companies produce web-enabled applications. How can companies ensure that security is centre to their new collaborative strategies?


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