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Please visit my fund raising site for the most up to date log of my training plan:

I'll now be giving regular updates on my running progress on my charity site and posting copies here later so you can see how my training is going. Most training plans start from January, giving runners just under 4months to prepare for the marathon. Apart from the training, new runners like me spend a lot of time researching and learning about running.

I've decided to focus my weekday training on intervals, hills and strength, and use weekends for long runs. Necessity will vary my weekdays, but I've to plan my long runs, so here is the plan:


26th Race day
19th 13m, race pace
12th 20m, jog
05th rest


29th 13m, Reading half
22nd 14m, race pace
15th 25m, jog
08th 20m, race pace
01st rest
22nd 25m
15th 20m
08th 16m
1st 14m

And now for reality……..I'll be updating this regularly so please come back see my updates…

Week 1 Monday 5th JanuaryI was going to start my training the week before but I picked up a cold and chesty cough so the last time I'd done any running was Christmas eve. I was going to follow my male instincts and run off the cold, but a good friend of mine, Chris O'Brien, advised me that it would be a very dangerous thing to do.

Then having read a bit I found out that had I run I would have put serious strain on my heart which could cause permanent damage ! So I decided to take bit more of a rest, although my cold was on it's way out, I waited until it was totally clear.

On Thursday I managed a very gentle 7mile run, which took about 1hour 7mins, 10mins slower than my best time.
Again I rested.

Week 2 Monday 12th JanuaryFelt much better over the weekend, and got over the guilt of only doing one training run the previous week.

Monday I ran the same 7.2miles in 1hour 1min (I should be doing these in under 1hour, nevertheless progress).
Tuesday Stretching and some weights
Wednesday 6miles hill running, about 3mile warm up, followed by pace runs up 3 different hills, with another 1m warm down. 6miles in total in 56mins
Thursday 5.7miles running 3miles of intervals (fast between 2 lamp posts, and then slow between 2), in 53minutes
Friday rested
Saturday 10miles in 1hour 30mins

Week 3 Monday 19th JanuaryHaving started the previous week in earnest, this week I find myself in Chicago on a business trip. The weather here is between -5 and -20 this week, with lots of snow. So all my running has to be in the gym. This isn't a bad thing, as alternating between surfaces helps build strength and reduce strain from running on concrete all the time. My personal challenge is that I find most gym's too hot and boring.

Monday 6m easy jog on the treadmill, 1hour
Tuesday 40min interval session, 2mins at 4mph followed by 2mins at 8mph
Wednesday 1hour on step machine
Thursday 40min interval session, 2mins at 4mph followed by 2mins at 8mph
Saturday 13.2m run, 2hrs 11min. I did this run about 3hours after getting off the plane back from Chicago, and ran with my brother Vimal and cousin Varsha.
We did this at a fairly gentle pace as Varsha only started training 1 couple of months ago and previously never ran. I finished with a 100m sprint at full pace….felt really good!

Week 4 Monday 26th JanuaryNow I realise this is going to sound like I am a globe trotter, I have to add it not as glamorous a lifestyle as you would think.
Tuesday/Wednesday I am in Amsterdam where it has snowed, and the hotel had no gym (honest!).
Monday 6.2miles, my 3hills course, in 57mins
Thursday 4.2miles brisk run in 33mins (should have gone to the loo, very hard running when you have to go!)
Saturday 15miles in 2hrs 15mins

Week 5 Monday 2nd FebruaryHmmm, now I'm really challenged to stay on plan for training! Today we've had the most snow for about 20years. How inconvienient. As I don't have a gym membership, I have to make do with some cardio on a step machine and rower I have at home.
Monday 40mins Step Machine, easy
Tuesday 40mins Step Machine, harder pace
Wednesday 40mins step, 30mins rower
Friday 40mins Step, 40 mins rower
Saturday I go to a marathon briefing in London, what a great event, so useful, learnt more and invested in two more pairs of trainers.
Sunday 16m jog, 2hrs 23m. I am back in Chicago, landed around 11am, went running around 3pm along the side of Lake Michigan.
Great views, great sites, makes the run easier although I think I should have worn some warmer clothes. Nice to be running on the road again ;ok)

Week 6 Monday 9th FebruaryHaving run on the Sunday, my legs are a bit tight and I plan only for a couple of session in the gym this week. On days off I generally do some "core work", that is situps, leg raises etc…I switch back to running on a treadmill at the gym in the hotel.
Tuesday 48mins Intervals 2mins 4mph 2mins 8mph
Thursday 60mins intervals 2mins 4mph 2mins 8mph
Saturday 19miles, 2hrs54mins, having got home from Chicago at 10:30 in the morning, I'd already planned a long run with my brother. I'd have a bit of a rest, unpacked, changed and around 13:30 went for the run. This was a tough one, even with the carb loading, carg gel, water… But running with my brother really helped me to push on. We did plan 20miles, but I felt 19 was enough and didn't want to over do it.

to be continued….


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