Good business technology is like good pasta

Stringy, fatty and bland: not three words you want to associate with a good meal. They’re not three words you want to associate to your business IT, either.

Take spaghetti architecture, the curse of poor IT development and the most unsavoury of technology flavours

Such spaghetti relies on complex and tightly coupled interactions between enterprise applications. The result is a highly unsatisfactory main course that leaves users feeling empty.

So, what pasta should you be serving to the business? Good technology is connected, lean and tasty – it works well together and responds to user needs.

The chances are that you’ve created a lot of separate side dishes – off-the-shelf and bespoke systems that are used and consumed in different ways across the company.

These individual systems are more helpfully viewed as the fusilli; freewheeling components that serve a purpose - but could provide a tastier experience if they were more effectively integrated.

IT managers searching for the perfect sauce should turn to service-oriented architecture (SOA).

Like a good lasagne, layers of technology work seamlessly together to create a stunning feast – and SOA will provide the integration between layers, allowing the business to re-use components in new and appetising combinations.

But don’t just think of your SOA as a one-size-fits all strategy; different business requirements require specific modifications to the menu.

Layers should be added carefully and each SOA implementation should address a core business problem within a particular area.

And the result will be a perfect lasagne, ready for your users to devour and enjoy.


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