The IQ divide...

We seem to be in a transition phase in school IT ( I’m dropping ICT like everyone else judging by the numbers enrolling), on the one hand we have surprisingly sophisticated practice and on the other ludicrously backward processes.

Naturally enough the worst cases are to be found in administration and the best amongst the children.

Examples from this week’s diary:

1)Introduced to a 2.5 year old who was dancing. He was dancing because he had just done what he loves to do on his dad’s i-Pad which is to tap on i-Tunes, tap on Lady Gaga’s face and download a new tune. Freedom from querty has a profound effect.

2)Later I was annoyed with a young (average) student who had left her assignment on her laptop which was at home...blah blah. Then to my surprise she said ‘oh my mum is at home’ and duly phoned her on her i-Phone.

The conversation went a bit like this: ‘Mum, you know my laptop...could you send me my last bit of work on soils?.....yes, that’s it...actually would you upload it to my Moodle account so John can see it?....convert to Mobi? ...yes please...thanks Mum’.

I acted casual but actually I was a bit impressed. The job was done in seconds and we were able to move on with our work. Good use of technology and so natural.

3)Moving further down the food chain I subsequently checked my college email on my Chromebook (using MS Exchange web). There were loads of mails with funny little red exclamation marks; all had .docx attachments and all said ‘please read attachments’.

No I bloody will not. I have currently in my inbox 4,597 e-mails of which most have attachments. To read an attachment I would have to download it onto my Chromebook my storage space is not for your crap. The person who taught these retards how to group mail and add attachments needs to be found and shot.

4)Am creating a bunch of spreadsheets for Early Years settings, i.e. schools and nurseries with young children. Very simple tracking with handy formulae that kind of thing. Currently they have felt-tips and run out of colours. They have laptops, unfortunately they are outsourced to a well known company.

Here is how it went:

  • Me ‘I did it on MS Excel 2007 and Open Office 3.2’ take your pick’.
  • Them: ‘We have MS 2003’...’
  • Me: ”oh that only support three conditional format colours you’d better upgrade or download free OO3.2’
  • Them: ‘we cant do that we are not allowed’.

Then I thought, wouldn’t it be a good idea to do it in the Cloud, problem sorted? Er no MS 365 or Google Docs would do it really well. Ah but the data protection act stops me sticking little kiddies’ data on foreign servers.

Ok, I’ll use G-Cloud, oh it’s not ready yet.

5)Finally: ‘when will my ******* bank account be updated!’

I give in. Maybe if the 2 year old could get a bit of experience of legacy IBM mainframes at least the ATM would play decent music. Meanwhile I wonder what Dilbert is doing today?

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