Urgent: Please Reply to UK Copyright Consultation

It seems like the UK copyright studies and consultations have been going on for years – first with the Gowers Review, followed by the Hargreaves Report and concluding with the current consultation on copyright. That consultation ends this Wednesday, so time is running out to make a submission.

As I've explained elsewhere at some length, there is a fundamental tension between copyright and the Internet: the former is about restricting copies, the latter about spreading them. This means that the details of copyright law matter greatly to the online world.

For this reason, I urge you to reply to at least some of the consultation's questions [pdf] - perhaps the ones about which you feel strongly, or have some personal knowledge that is relevant. In my own submission, I have concentrated on two facets: orphan works and exceptions.

Some of the ideas being proposed are surprisingly sensible, and could go some way to making copyright fit for the digital age. The current consultation is a rare opportunity to help make that happen, so let's not lose it.

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