Big Blue Bob Sutor

When I interviewed Bob Sutor in October 2007, he was an Important Chap: IBM's Corporate Vice President for Open Source and Standards. Today, he's a Very Important Chap: IBM's Vice President of Open Source and Linux. So you might want to compare what he said then with his views now, as evidenced by the latest in the Linux Foundation interview series. You can either listen to the interview, or read the transcript, complete with ums and ahs.

The main difference in emphasis between the two interviews is that two new areas are discussed at some length: cloud computing – which might be expected – and the GNU/Linux desktop, which is perhaps more surprising. Sutor seems quite bullish on the latter: apparently there are over 30,000 people using GNU/Linux on the desktop in IBM – although I doubt somehow whether they all chose that platform of their own volition.

For the rest, I can't help feeling that the higher Sutor rises in IBM – and long may that continue - the more cautious he becomes in his utterances. Come on Bob, next time we want some *controversy*...

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