Open Source Consolidation: Less is More?

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Now comes another example of bulking up, this time of Intalio, whose founder I interviewed last year:

Intalio, Inc., The Enterprise Cloud Company, today announced the acquisition of CodeGlide, a software company based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and ProcessSquare, a software company based in Munich, Germany.

Prior to the acquisitions, CodeGlide had developed a powerful platform for Customer Relationship Management (CRM), including Sales Force Automation, Marketing Automation, Customer Helpdesk, Analytics, Enterprise Mashups, and Office Productivity, while ProcessSquare had developed a Web-based Business Process Management (BPM) application used by customers such as ABB, Allianz, and Henkel.

Both product lines have been fully integrated within Intalio's product stack over the past six months.

Noteworthy here is the increasing emphasis on the currently-trendy cloud computing. I think this indicates that startups based around open source are exploring their options as they grow – and that expansion can be effected in many different ways.

I'm sure we'll be seeing many more interesting possibilities in the not-so-distant future as more consolidation takes place in the open source world. The critical question, of course, is whether these various moves will accelerate deployment of open source solutions: will less prove to be more?

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