Is this the One for Ubuntu?

As a spot survey on Linux Journal currently confirms, Ubuntu is by far the most widely-used distro on the desktop. But popularity isn't enough: for long-term success, Ubuntu's backer, Canonical, needs to come up with a serious business plan. Is Ubuntu One it? It provides:

Seamless integration with your Ubuntu based computer

Sync files between multiple machines

Access to your files away from your computers via our web interface

The first 2 Gbytes are free, 10 Gbytes cost $10 a month. Sounds a lot to me; and I can't see many typical Ubuntu users coughing that up every month. Equally, it doesn't really look that compelling for business users, not that there are many of them yet.

So what is Canonical up to here? Maybe just trying stuff out – which is good, since it needs to find as many ways as it can to earn some dosh. But maybe calling it Ubuntu One raises expectations a little too high, since it hardly looks like “the one” that Canonical is seeking.


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