Forward to the Past with Forrester

Looking at Forrester's latest report on open source , I came across the following:

The bottom line is that in most application development shops, the use of open source software has been a low-level tactic instead of a strategic decision made by informed executives. As a result, while there’s executive awareness of the capital expenditure advantages of adopting OSS, other benefits, potential risks, and the structural changes required to take full advantage of OSS are still poorly understood.

I'm sorry? What year are we in? Wasn't that the line in 1999? But wait, there's more:

concern over security and having “one throat to choke” is what currently keeps software development professionals up at night and prevents them from adopting OSS.

Which, of course, were precisely the main criticisms back in the 1990s when free software started appearing in companies.

So are we supposed to believe that barely anything has changed in a decade? That open source is *still* problematic because of false fears over “throats to choke” and security? What's going on?


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