Spreading the Spread Firefox Effect

One of the most powerful forces in free software is the community behind the code. Its potential can be seen most clearly in the Spread Firefox site, which has mobilised hundreds of thousands of Firefox users to spread the word about the browser.

One of the ways they have done that is through coming up with designs for various uses.

Mozilla has (somewhat belatedly) taken note of that tremendous success, and hopes to produce a more directed version, called the Mozilla Creative Collective. As John Slater, Creative Director at Mozilla explains:

building up Mozilla’s visual design community is one of my (and Tara’s) top priorities for 2009. There are already designers out there doing good work, of course, but the larger scale possibilities are nearly limitless if we get more organized and continue to bring more people into the fold.

With that in mind, I’m excited to announce the Mozilla Creative Collective. The idea is to build on what we started with past projects like the Firefox 3 T-shirt Contest and the Community Store by creating an online hub where our community activity can take place.

More details can be found on the Design/CreativeCollective wiki:

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