Spare a Fiver, Guv?

The plucky UK Unix User Group (UKUUG) may not be able to carry out its plucky plan to challenge the BSI over its behaviour in voting for the OOXML file format:

The UK Unix User Group may have to drop its legal challenge to Microsoft's controversial international document standard because it doesn't have the money to see it through.


Alain Williams, chairman of the UKUUG, said the group had grounds to resubmit its application because the court had been mistaken to reject it.

However, he said the UKUUG didn't have enough money to cover the costs of its action, which was a request that the High Court consider that the British Standards Institution (BSI) had no grounds to vote in support of Microsoft at the International Standards Organisation.


Williams said the UKUUG may need as much as £50,000 to see its appeal through.

Fifty big ones, eh? Well, how about if 10,000 of us all chip in a fiver? You can put my name down, for a start....


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