I wrote earlier this week about Hyperic and Red Hat getting together, and now here's another good example of how 1 + 1 = 3 in the world of open source - or rather how BPM + ECM = BPP:

Intalio, Inc., the leading Open Source BPMS company, today announced a partnership with Alfresco Software, Inc., the Open Source alternative for Enterprise Content Management. The integrated offering of Intalio|BPMS and Alfresco ECM allows users to manage advanced document-centric workflow processes and support the collaborative development of complex business processes.

"Our partnership with Alfresco serves as a foundation for building BPM into something larger – a true Business Process Platform (BPP)," states Intalio CEO and founder, Ismael Ghalimi. "Through such integration, customers get access to the best Open Source ECM solution and the most advanced BPM platform currently available on the market, all incorporated into a single product that is fully supported by a single vendor."

If you can't quite tell the difference between your BPMs and your BPPs, here's some help from Intalio:

Document-centric workflow processes provide a powerful way to automate business communications, allowing documents to be transmitted to the right people based on complex rules. For example, insurance companies can use workflow processes to handle end-to-end policy management processes and provide better visibility to customers regarding the processing of claims. The integrated solution also allows Business and IT to collaboratively document complex business processes, making it easier to understand business requirements and the rational behind new procedures.

Which all sounds eminently sensible. It also shows how rich open source enterprise solutions are becoming, with the prospect of ever-richer ones in the future, as more of these cross-company hookups are put in place to solve business problems.


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