Approving the AGPL: Funambol to the Rescue

Recently, Open Enterprise interviewed Funambol's Fabrizio Capobianco. Writing on his blog, Fabrizio fills us in on some rather amazing facts about the AGPL, the new GNU licence that fixes the loophole in the GPL allowing companies like Google to use free software code without necessarily contributing their changes back to the community:

I found out that the Free Software Foundation (which smartly chose to skip v2 and give AGPL the same version number of GPL v3) does not submit its licenses to the OSI for approval. Do not ask me why, but I have a feeling ;-)

Apparently, it was Google that did the honours for GNU GPLv3, but for obvious reasons, it is less keen on getting the AGPL blessed as officially open source. So who you gonna call?

Now it is the Funambol turn. Hoping more people will choose AGPL versus GPL, because giving hosters and portals a free lunch is just a bad idea. If they want to use it for free, at least get their code back. So many people have no idea how important would be for them to switch to AGPL, but I do not have the marketing dollars of Google to evangelize it (and mine is just a personal battle for open source, therefore my marketing people will not fund me anyway ;-) So, it is still a free lunch for Google...

Now let me hope the OSI approves the AGPL v3 license :-)


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