OpenSAF Foundation Formed

Some big names in the computing and telecom worlds - including Ericsson, HP, Nokia Siemens Networks and Sun Microsystems - are getting together to support the formation of the OpenSAF Foundation:

Leading telecommunications and enterprise computing companies today announced the formation of the OpenSAF Foundation. This organization is created to promote the development and adoption of an open source implementation of a high availability base platform middleware based on Service Availability Forum Specifications. The OpenSAF Foundation leverages the collective expertise of the telecom and enterprise computing industries to create a best-of-breed implementation. This open source project uses the widely accepted LGPLv2.1 license (Lesser GNU Public License). Membership in the foundation is open to all organizations interested in the development and broad adoption of the OpenSAF code base.

The goals of the OpenSAF Foundation include evolving a broadly adopted base platform middleware not tied to any commercial implementation. This includes support for the SA Forum Application Interface Specification and alignment with the requirements of the SCOPE Alliance. Additional services will be developed that may be leveraged by enterprise computing companies, network equipment providers, industries requiring high availability, and independent software vendors.

This shows two things: that open source is now regarded as reliable enough to run critical infrastructure like telecommunications, and that there are no concerns about scaling, an old criticism of free software still encountered from time to time. Andy Updegrove has more details about the background to the OpenSAF Foundation.


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