Becta's Home Access Scheme...not really a scam

I was asked by a colleague in Holland to explain Becta's Home Access scheme and give an update on how it was going.

He was concerned that 'it had all gone a bit quiet' and he could not find out much about it.

As an (sorry, the only) accredited supplier of Free Open Source software to schools we had looked into tendering to become an accredited supplier of the Home Access Package so this presumably is why he thought we might know something.

My current interest in the topic was quite low but was given a fillip by two things:

1) Today the Conservative Party (the ones who would abolish Becta) published its Technology Manifesto which states that it would create a 'Level Playing Field' for Open Source software providers and encourage SME participation in Public Sector stuff.

2) Two responses to my earlier Becta blog concerning its potential demise (see above) accused me of a myopic view...

Well, suitably piqued, I now have my glasses on, so let's have a close look.

We have long complained that Becta's very public conversion to the virtues of Open Source software is a little longer on words than it is on action.

The suspicion is that they are playing 'lip-service' to FOSS while the edu-world continues to spend millions of pounds of money they no longer have (sacking staff as a result..oh the crocodile tears) on expensive proprietary products... exactly as before.

So, without any myopic disadvantage let's scrutinise Becta's latest work...

Becta's Home Access Scheme (explained). Who qualifies for free stuff? From Becta's site we have the following:

'The new BECTA Home Access Scheme has been launched and parents or carers who meet the following criteria are eligible to apply for a free laptop and internet package from CAPITA (the company running the scheme).

The criteria are:

  • The child is eligible for free school meals or, that a parent or carer is:are (sic) on income support
  • receive income-based job seekers’ allowance
  • receive Child Tax Credit and have an income of less than £16,040
  • have guaranteed pension credit
  • have an income-related employment support allowance
  • receive support under part 6 of the Immigration and Asylum Act'


From this we know that the target group are children from disadvantaged situations and that the scheme is run by Capita. Next we need to know who supplies the packages:

  • Bli Education
  • Centerprise
  • Centerprise
  • Misco
  • Positive IT Solutions
  • XMA

No RM note... Why not?

From the above's web sites we find that the laptops are either modest ACER, Toshiba and Samsungs and have prices (with software bundle included more of which later) approximately £100 above the Internet equivalent/actual model price.

Finally, we need to know what software comes with the laptops. So back to Becta's sites for more quotes:

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