Benchmarking the IT service desk - where do you stand?

A “bonus” blog today (and hence it is quickly constructed) and the subject area will need to be returned to at a later date. The reason for the bonus blog is that I am a little bit excited.

SysAid, a provider of IT help desk and customer service software solutions, has provided me with a subset of the service desk benchmarking information captured through its customers’ use of its software (on an opt-in basis, of course).

To me, this is the sort of stuff that the ITSM community (see my previous blog) is crying out for - information that helps them to understand where they are and what they should aspire to. More information about the SysAid benchmarking is available here (link is provided for more detail on the definitions for the benchmarks below).

Average Service Requests (SR) closed per Admin (Service Desk Agent)

Important note: If you follow the above link, the assumptions show that the SRs are “incidents.”

Quick comment - I am assuming that this is per day but I am seeking clarification. As with all the slides in this blog, please treat with care in the absence of sample sizes.

Percent of Surveys Answers vs. Sent

Quick comment - this shows what most of us already know - that getting internal customers (end users) to provide feedback on our services is difficult. It is interesting though to see the little “mound” at the far right of the graph. I wonder why this is.

End User vs. Admins Ratio

Quick comment - it an interesting “aggregated” statistic, however it would be interesting to see this by severity/priority level (albeit having to acknowledge severity level criteria will be different between organizations).

So this is just a subset of what SysAid provides back to its customers in terms of benchmarking, I hope it has got you thinking. Sadly, I don’t have time to really comment on these stats today, BUT I would appreciate your comments and opinions on their value and where SysAid’s customer base and the ITSM community in general are at.

Posted by Stephen Mann


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