Nimbus wins a 100 TB storage deal with eBay

  • Flash optimised architecture -- Nimbus has designed their systems from the ground up to take advantage of flash, compared to the establishment that has retrofitted hardware and file systems designed for disk to switch over to flash. I get it that this makes for a more balanced architecture with potentially better results, but it’s hard to imagine that this provides a material reduction of cost.
  • Lower overhead RAID and file systems -- while most vendors use RAID 1 protection for their flash capacity and require significant capacity for the file system to work, Nimbus claims to use an efficient version of RAID 5 and requires minimal capacity for their file system to do its thing.
  • Cheaper support -- partly because they’re a smaller, more nimble vendor, and partly because they claim that flash is inherently more reliable and faster to recover from failures due to faster system throughput, Nimbus is charging less than the big guys for system maintenance by about half.
  • No software licensing charges -- most storage vendors have realised that the software they offer to do management, care and feeding of their storage systems is more valuable than the boxes of spinning drives, and they charge for it; Nimbus, on the other hand, is throwing in their software licensing with the price of the system. I’m not sure how sustainable this is in the long term, as they have to make margin like everybody else, but their current license model seems aimed at bridging the cost gap between flash and disk more than protecting high legacy margins
Posted by Andrew Reichman

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