The (fake) Digital Britain report

Are you underwhelmed by Lord Carter's Digital Britain report ? The unsatisfied and upset have been given the chance to vent their frustration and write their own Bill, thanks to the folks at Write to Reply.

The group have launched a new wiki called ' The Fake Digital Britain Report ', which aims to give the community the opportunity to "write the report they way we'd have like to have seen it written".

The wiki was set up by educational technologists Tony Hirst and Joss Winn, who also run the WriteToReply site. A discussion thread filled with criticisms about the real report inspired the guys to launch a fake report with what the community would like to see Britain do for the digital economy.

Another objective of the report is find a way of supporting the wiki activity by pulling in comments made to the report on WriteToReply website, to the Fake Digital Britain Report discussion page.

It's early days on the portal so far, but here's an extract:

Start with the hard stuff - while it may not seem important and the ROI might be pitiful we suggest that the first areas to receive guaranteed ulta-high-speed networks to the home should be those that have "lost out" on the introduction of ADSL and associated technologies. This means a big boost to rural areas where even analogue phone services are sometimes abysmally poor. Yes by all means use modern techniques to get it there, fibre strung from telegraph poles, high-speed-radio to get those really remote farmsteads etc. But do it with sensitivity too - don't skimp on getting the paving stones put back right and don't dig up swathes of countryside if it's not really necessary.

The other environment where installation is bound to be difficult is presumably going to be dense urban and suburban environments where existing demand is high however domestic customers are reaching the ceiling of what is possible over copper wiring.


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